Every good film is the result of a long, creative process – from the development of an idea through detailed planning to the visualization of a unique story. This is the only way how outstanding advertising films and image videos retain in the mind of the viewer! We take the work of preproduction very seriously in order to develop ideas and to make them tangible through a tailor-made concept and creative storyboard. Before the camera is running, everything will be perfectly arranged.



The roots of Whiteroom Productions lie in passionate climbing and ski film productions. Meanwhile we are working for many genres with the aim of producing outstanding image spots, advertising films and TV productions with high-quality commercial and digital content. We always deliver the best quality to our customers! We love to play with sound and pictures, we like to buck the trend, make our own thing and break new ground. Always looking for new perspectives and unforgettable stories for outstanding commercial videos, image films and TV productions. Over the last few years we’ve grown in many ways. Our curiosity and ambition are our drive for new challenges.

We work with:
Red Epic Dragon 6k Cinema camera
Sony FS700 4K
Sony Alpha R2
Canon L Prime lenses from 11 – 800mm
DJI Ronin Lightbridge controlled Gimbal system
all sorts of camera cranes, sliders & motion control devices in different lengths



Here all the fine nuances are brought together and a movie comes to life. Dedicated editing highlights emotions and takes viewers on a journey that they won’t forget. The Whiteroom studio is located in the middle of the Alps, Innsbruck, Austria. Our Editors are enthusiastic about turning the footage over and over and delivering films with that certain extra something, ready for you on schedule.



With his alpine knowledge and mountainguide background, Jakob can move autonomously in tricky terrain and bring home exceptional stills. He is in his element, when things get serious. See more at:



We have the Austro Control flight license by the Austrian company of civil aviation. Therefore we‘re allowed to fly our drones above Austrian ground. We are able to maneuver our drones to hard-to-reach places to capture spots and events from unique perspectives. The result are impressive pictures for first-class image spots and advertising videos.

Our drones:
DJI Inspire with Zenmuse X5 Raw
DJI Mavic


Mountain Knowledge

Mountains mean the world to us and we have spent most of our adult life skiing and climbing them. We can offer you fully certified mountain guide services and move that camera into very exposed spots. Whether you need to document climbers on a big wall, skiing in the Himalayas or to pull of a commercial spot in tough places, we can help you out.


Time-lapse Cinematography

We are true time-lapse fanatics and like to linger at cozy, but also very uncomfortable places. Only because we want to make the changeable beauty of nature visible. We supply various motion control time-lapse recordings. Likewise, our weather-proof, energy-efficient long-term time-lapse boxes are able to document natural conditions and transformations just like construction processes for years and make changes and developments visible in an impressive manner. Using modern infrared video and photo technology we can also capture the mysterious wildlife in fantastic pictures. Together with the specialists of we constantly develop advanced film and photography techniques. The time-lapse process enormously impacts image videos, advertising films, documentaries and film productions as well as scientific or tourism projects.



Whiteroom Productions have collected a wide range of quality content captured from around the world. We have selected collections of drone aerials, slow motion, time-lapse, sport and wild life content.