When the Mountains were wild

When the Mountains were wild

In February 2014 Mitch Tölderer and Klaus Zwirner asked us to come along on a journey to explore ski-/snowboarding possibilities in the widely undiscovered northern Albanian Alps. Together with photographer Carlos Blanchard we drove down from Austria through several Balkan countries and witnessed the debris of the Yugoslavian war for the first time. Our destination was the incredibly beautiful and wild Valbona Valley where time had seemed to stand still for a long time.

After studying vague maps, checking weather conditions we found ourselves on a 25km hike to a promising looking zone in the heart of these mountains and came to a stop in a little abandoned shepherd hut. Six days of heavy snowstorm later the crew woke up in Freeride heaven and enjoyed a well-earned magic day in the snow. Watch the movie and see what more craziness our team faced on this wonderful journey. Our destination was the incredibly beautiful and wild Valbona Valley where time had seemed to stand still for a long time.

See the full movie here: https://vimeo.com/144748647

Behind the Scenes: https://vimeo.com/147752863



“With the boys of Whiteroom productions I found a dedicated, creative and professional working crew that keeps the good vibes up even if conditions are getting hairy. That´s all essential for a successful and unforgettable adventure like our joint Project in the Albanian Alps.”

Mitch Tölderer, Freerider, FWT Champion, MD

“I felt nothing but relief”

“Seeing the Yugoslavian war debris shattered my imagination of what happened down there years ago and still keeps me thinking on and off. Arriving in the surreal country Albania and later seeing myself sitting in a windy, cold and wet room for 6 days was quite a mental challenge. When the sun came out on the 7th day and Albania showed us it´s magical side I felt nothing but relief. This was a journey where I really had to question my actions and myself.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“some important things for the future progression of humanity”

“For me the idea of this movie brings together in an objective way some important things for the future progression of humanity.”


“I was really excited”

“The Balkan area was a blank spot in my mind map for a long time, therefore I was really excited when Mitch came up with the idea of going skiing there. Every single thought I had in my mind about Albania before was proven wrong. “There are small hills with little snow” nope: the mountains are massive and it´s absolutely normal that there are several metres of snow each year. So I can’t wait to go there again!”




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