Trial and Error

Trial and Error

This is our 3rd and “for now” last full-length ski movie project. It was inspired by the fundamental method of solving problems, which is characterised by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success or until the agent stops trying. This season a lot of things didn`t worked out like planned and some

of our skiers hurt them pretty bad.Our intention was to show the whole spectrum of the sport in different short stories cumulating into a greater message. We got our lessons learned whilst skiing dream lines, making unforgettable experiences with different cultures, facing mature setbacks and injuries and at long last find out what matters to us. It was shot in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Iran, Georgia & Russia.

See the full movie here:





“a more complex story”

“It was incredibly funny to shoot the intro scenes, which turned out to be super weird but simply great. We tried to bring in a more complex story with an unusual conclusion receptive to subjective interpretations.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“a lot of ups and downs”

“During the production of Trial and Error there were a lot of ups and downs. Our original plan was completely different to the final outcome. But this is exactly what makes this movie so interesting.
For me personally, it is a reminder to think twice and give failure as small a chance as possible.”


“Jakob was running through a wild glacier river”

“Filming the story part of the movie was a great experience especially the scenes where the guy runs up to the glacier. Jakob was running through a wild glacier river over 5 times just wearing casual clothes and porous sneakers. In the end the shot didn’t even make the cut, because I wasn’t able to film it properly.”




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