Time for the Whiteroom

Time for the Whiteroom

With this movie our mutual journey began. “Time for the Whiteroom” is a full motivation dose, aimed at getting people to go out and grab those special skiing moments. It was the first time that we sat down at a table and fantasised about what barriers we wanted to break and how we could bring a fresh approach to the skiing industry. Mother nature presented us a fantastic winter and we shot like maniacs. When the Austrian season came to an end the crew travelled to Kyrgyzstan and Alaska and all of us had our first experience of

skiing abroad. This project was indeed a special one as it brought a bunch of individualists together and playing as a team. When the movie came out and ran on the big screens one could feel that our excitement was transferred straight to the audience. We created something special back then and a lot of people appreciated that, if one watched the movie now yon can still feel the energy.

See the full movie here: https://vimeo.com/110242758

“talk about going that extra mile”

“I remember always carrying far too much gear, dealing with heavy snowfall and windy conditions for the first time and a lot of other learning lessons. When we now talk about going that extra mile I think of back then when we walked so many extra miles all the time.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“especially produced for the big screen”

“‘Time for the Whiteroom’ was the first project especially produced for the big screen. It was already important for us, to combine cinematic storytelling with a classic ski movie. I am my own biggest critic and so the editing took more time, as I (we) expected. But the knowledge we gained out of that should lay the foundation for all the movies to come. “


“It was a great feeling to realise an idea”

“When we started planning Time for the Whiteroom we thought we should start slowly with a short online edit of approx. 10 minutes featuring some sponsored skiers and snowboarders from Innsbruck. After we had a meeting with the riders we saw the endless motivation in everyone’s eyes so we decided to make the project “a little bit” bigger. We ended up with a 36-minute movie that we showed to a huge crowd in cinemas all around Europe. It was a great feeling to realise an idea and getting so much support from the athletes and the crowd.”




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