Stirb Langsam

Stirb Langsam

In “Stirb langsam” we accompanied the young German alpinist Michi Wohlleben with our camera during his most demanding alpine project. “Stirb langsam” is an alpine climbing tour in the Wetterstein mountains and one of the hardest mixed climbing routes in the world.

In this film project we were fascinated by the question of “Why”. Why does Michi always engage himself with the risks and dangers of his mountaineering passion? What is the reason why he pushes the envelope in mountaineering again and again?
The result is a very emotional portrait about a strong, focused, sometimes driven young person who finds his fulfillment in the mountain. This film provides deep insights into Michi Wohlleben’s psyche.

Michi is frankly and mercilessly speaking about his fears and blockades, that have afflict him in his young mountaineering career. He describes the expectations of mountaineering and the challenges of daily life, which he has to deal with as a young, ambitious person. In this process, his voice breaks down one time or another. Such an obviously strong, focused and ambitious young man is just as vulnerable and human.
In this project the collaboration with Michi has captivated us and was characterized by empathy and feeling. This makes this film so gripping, dramatic and stirring.

“a very personal topic”

“Since quite a while there is this idea to produce a climbing movie, but the striking story never came along. Michi Wohlleben put his trust in us that we tell his story in an authentic and raw way. He brought up the courage to tell something about a very personal topic, which may shows, a slightly different side of the climber’s life. It was a great experience being part of this project, which makes me striving for more.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“speak about personal challenges”

“In the talks before our Interview with Michi it became clear that it is not the climbing route that will be in the focus of the film. The decision was clear to talk about a subject which was bothering Michi beside climbing. To speak about personal challenges and pivotal moments in a time where Heroes are vital, needs some serious courage. For me this was something very special and important to witness. In my opinion more and more athletes are distracted by all kind of things and loose their view for the essentials. Michi is bold in many ways but with this decision to talk about doubts and weaknesses he may also help other sportsmen and women to deal with those issues.”


“freezing temperatures”

“Flying the drone in this shaded north facing “hole” was a super challenging, but a fun task. No GPS connection and freezing temperatures made the flying something special, more raw and back to the roots. I learned a lot and I´m super happy with the film and the drone footage.”




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