Heliovis is a smart-tech company with its head office in Vienna, Austria. The company develops, produces and markets the HELIOtube technology, a lightweight pneumatic solar concentrator for industrial- and major industrial solar applications.

They work together with governmental and international organizations, corporations, confident investors and renowned research facilities, in order to develop their groundbreaking technology for the market. The operating possibilities of the HELIOtube range from industrial heat, solar cooling, water treatment, enhanced oil recovery to the generation of electricity – to name but a few examples. The HELIOtube allows to save costs by 55 % and significantly reduces CO2 emissions over the entire lifecycle compared to modern mirror based parabolic technologies.

The Heliovis team came to us with the request to document the installation of their first final prototype in Spain. We had the chance to see the possibly most motivated team on earth building one of the coolest machines out there. The footage we shoot will be shown on different trade shows like for example the EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan. We are definitely inspired by our friends at Heliovis and hope that their technology will be a massive success and will contribute to a future with clean energy.

“It was very important for Heliovis to comprehensively document the installation of the first commercial facility in Spain. Our lack of experience in collaborating with a professional film team and the lack of imagination about the dimension of the documentary made this project very exciting. As a young and extremely dynamic team, we were looking for a creative bunch of people that could meet our requirements. Whiteroom Productions has exceeded our expectations. The enthusiasm with which the guys accompanied our project was simply breathtaking. They became a self-evident part of the team and integrated themselves easily. Thanks to their passion for the project and the high quality expectations on their own performance, we can recourse to a large number of high-quality images for our marketing. The sympathetic guys of Whiteroom Productions supported us carefully and well-structured in the concretisation of our ideas.”

Christoph Schnabel, Vice President HR & Legal, Heliovis, Vienna

“I’m more than ever inspired to believe in my dreams”

“In the beginning I was moderately interested in the new technology. But after spending some time with the Heliovis team working on the final Prototype I’m even more blown away by the effort, dedication and teamwork all these people were putting into their vision. I’m more then ever inspired to believe in my dreams and trust my ideas.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“I was strongly motivated by the team spirit”

“I’ve learned a lot from this project – not only while filming on the area of the HELIOtube, but also in the postproduction, where I had to deal with a completely new software to realize certain scenes. But most of all I was inspired by the people who were involved in this project! I was strongly motivated by the team spirit of the Heliovis crew and their striving for a common goal.”


“I was fascinated by the technology”

“What an incredibly exciting project! On the one hand I was fascinated by the technology, on the other hand it was a big challenge to steer the drone through the huge steel frame. I think I was at least as excited as the workers when they installed the HELIOtube. Luckily, we were able to relax once the job has been done. Because everything worked out.”




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