From A to K and back again


From A to K and back again

Alaska, the dreamland of every Freeride skier?! We went there in 2013 to film one part of our movie For a few Lines more. We only used 4 minutes of a 3,5 weeks trip, so we decided to produce a stand alone movie about it. The trip started quite chaotic. The first part of our luggage got lost in Frankfurt and the second part got lost in Seattle.

We had to wait 3 days until we had all our stuff together again. The following weeks didn´t get less chaotic and we had to cross the border between Canada and Alaska several times. What came out is an uncommon movie about Alaska and Canada which not only shows the awesome skiing, but also the nerve-racking waiting and travelling.

“most of our time in a tent”

“We wanted to experience Kanda and Alaska differently and so we spent most of our time in a tent.”


“an ice axe in his sleeping bag”

“I can’t remember if I was more afraid of the bears or of David who slept with an ice axe in his sleeping bag right next to me while we were camping outside. Every time I started snoring just a little bit he woke me up and asked if it was me.”




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