For a few lines more

For a few lines more

“Time for the Whiteroom” was a blast and got a lot of attention all over the globe. People have been hungry for another one , so we took up the challenge one more time. “For a few lines more” is an action overloaded dirty, trashy skiing western blockbuster. Maybe megalomania hit us a little bit on that, cause we travelled the globe up and down for consecutive months straight.

The action we brought home was pretty rough and it seemed obvious to pack that into a western story. “For a few lines more” was a wild ride and the criminal western shooting style wasn’t far fetched.


“skiing had to go first”

“After TFTWR this movie was actually planed to mix two even more completly different genres together. So as a big fan of these old western flicks a whole story was constructed. This plan was slowed down by the growing cast and the amount of amazing traveling we did in that season. So skiing had to go first but I was still able to show my intention (vision) with the crazy bar fight intro, but the rest is still spinning in my head.”


“learned a lot from all the travelling”

“The year we were shooting for “For a few Lines more” was kind of crazy. We wanted to push our skiing and filming as far as possible, but I think we might have lost focus on what it was all about. We were skiing and filming in New Zealand, Alaska, Iceland, Italy, Austria, two times in Canada and in Turkey. In between I travelled to Norway and also had to study in Innsbruck. We had some great new experiences and learned a lot from all the travelling and how to film in remote places.”




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