Bergwelt Tirol miteinander


Bergwelt Tirol miteinander

Tirol is popular for snow sport lifestyle. Today more and more people enjoy the movement in nature. A lot of good things come with that, like the exceptional health of the Tyrolean’s or

the economical wealth through tourism. But also more and more strain appears between people, wildlife and the common shared Landscape. The initiative “Bergwelt Tirol miteinander erleben” of the Tyrolean Forest Department came to us with the request to put the problems between wildlife and outdoor sports people into context. Together we worked on a different approach, which should not blame anyone rather should people take notice through a smile. In a one and a half weeks film shooting marathon with a great supportive crew, we realised the four spots which are shown on different outdoor film festivals and online throughout the country.


“The task for our Commercials was pretty tough: four stories on the topic of nature compatible skiing, funny, unusual, without annoying or tutor anybody and that in the mid of summer. The team of Whiteroom Productions made the impossible possible and delivered a harmonious and creative concept, which we in the end pulled of efficiently and with loads of joy and fun.”

Dieter Stöhr – Bergwelt Tirol miteinander erleben

“Shooting winter sequences in mid June at 36 degrees”

“Shooting winter sequences in mid June at 36 degrees was a bit weird sometimes. I really enjoyed working on the costumes with our Dressmaker Nina, she came up with some super funny stuff. On this one we had a bunch of very enthusiastic people with us who made the shoot possible.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“a full time job but in a positive way”

“To direct these spots was a full time job but in a positive way. It was really motivating to see how everybody was working together to reach the same goal. To let this idea grow some compromises had to be made and often we had to test our patience. But we had fun on the sets and learned a lot for future projects.”


“It was great to not use my computer for two weeks”

“I was working on the small buildings for the four introduction shots for 2 weeks. It was great to sit at my desk and not use my computer for two weeks.”




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