an unexpected fortune


In Spring 2014 together with the ski alpinists David Pitschmann, Fabian Lentsch, and Michael Trojer we headed to the remote Russian Altai Mountains in hope to discover a skier’s paradise.

After a long travel we found ourselves again in a tiny woodshed at the sidelines of a Russian farmers’ village called Kurai, having no idea what is going to happen next. When the first sunrays squinted into our room, we opened the curtains and saw the whole Altai Massive stuck out of the Siberian steppe – unspoiled and incredibly beautiful. Will there be good skiing out there? What we finally found deep in the heart of these soaring mountains excelled our wildest imaginations – a truly unexpected fortune!



“In those days we bonded with the people”

“An old soviet Truck brought us along an impressive adventurous road to the Aktru Valley- a little tourist destination for people from Novosibirsk. Some small huts are nestled in the middle of the arolla pine forest, which are run by Valéry and his crew. The mountains were directly lying in front of us. Driven by curiosity we had to immediately hike up and then stayed ten days on the glacier skiing until all our physical reserves were empty. The skiing was incredible and so to was the mountain scenery. Totally crushed we arrived at the huts of Aktru and were welcomed by Valéry, Vladimir, Larissa, Slava, Mjrgen and all the other amicable people. Larissa and Slava, the cooks of the resort fulfilled all our dreams and Vladimir entertained us with a ton of good stories. The journey came to an end and we were allowed to stay for a few days in the base, eating, discussing and sweating in the Russian bania. In those days we bonded with the people like I had never witnessed before. We were sitting together during long nights joking, laughing as well discussing serious topics about the relationship between western countries and Russia, about past times and the situation for Russians and Austrians nowadays. After these few days it felt really hard to leave our new Russian family.”

profile_jakob  Jakob

“What we found there was even better”

“To travel to Russia was a very quick descision. I was browsing through Google Earth and all of a sudden I found this beautiful mountain range with lots of ice and nice valleys. Remembering the bad continental snow pack situation from Kyrgyzstan we decided to ski only on glacier ice, so it looked perfect from the bird´s eye perspective. What we found there was even better than I could have imagined.”




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