Welcome to Whiteroom Productions, an independent image spot and advertising film production from Innsbruck in Tyrol

Whiteroom Productions is an independent TV and movie production from Innsbruck/Tyrol, Austria. We specialize in the production of high-quality ski films, image videos, advertising films and image spots, time-lapse and drone shots, music videos, sports and outdoor films – made in Innsbruck/Tyrol. We are inspired by our passion for skiing, skate and mountain sports. Each project is an expression of our “obsession” for film, photography, storytelling, time-lapse and the use of special cameras and drones. In our opinion, sustainable creative art means to give each individual image and scene an unique and honest expression. For us it’s the only way to remind the viewer of the message of successful advertising videos and image films. Thus we rely on sophisticated and impressive drone shots and time-lapse effects.

We have the flight license of Austro Control, the Austrian company for civil aviation, that allows us to capture breathtaking perspectives for demanding advertising spots and image film projects with our drone. In addition, we are great time-lapse nerds, always looking for unique images and scenes. Using weather-proof, energy-efficient, long-term time-lapse boxes, we are able to impressively document the development and production processes for special advertising films and image clips. Innsbruck in Tyrol is our base camp, a source of strength and inspiration for our cinematic activities. The pure, honest, emotional, sad, funny and encouraging stories for good advertising spots, image films and unique movie projects are written here. Because our way of thinking is different – so will be your film project!